Some superstitions associated with slot machine

Myths and superstitions surround everything on this earth and slot machines are not a big exception. Casino players are also very superstitious and they follow some myths so that they get a huge payout that can change their life. Most players believe that some actions can improve their chance of winning and this is commonly practiced in the case of slots.

When visiting a land-based casino it is commonly observed gamblers doing weird sort of things like warming the coins, rubbing the slot machine screen, or wearing some lucky clothes or colors. While some myths about slot online might seem ridiculous, others have some truth associated with them.

  1. Slots online are rigged: this myth creates uncertainty amongst new players. Also, many experienced gamblers avoid playing online slot games because they believe that they are rigged. This is not at all true and is spread by players who are quite frustrated when they do not win. The online as well as offline slot machines are regulated by governing authorities and cannot be manipulated in any way.
  2. Payout is better in the case of new slots: gamblers believe that new slots would give a better payout to attract players to try out the game. In reality, there is no such logic. Every spin in the slot machine is random and the odds for the first spin is almost the same as the last. Playing new slots can be advantageous as you can avail the bonuses, promos, free spins, and other offers that are offered by the casinos. But it is not associated with the machine as such.
  3. Hot slots: the players believe that if the machine has done a payout recently it will not do it again in the next spin and vice versa. So they wait for a few players to play before trying out their luck.