Gambling is said to be as old as human civilization. But as society turned more complex, and certain modes of behavior were shunned in favor of others, Gambling began to be considered as suspect in some social groups. Indonesia has been a gambler’s paradise over centuries, but over the years the socio-political slant has been against Gambling. The funny thing is, in spite of pressure, Indonesians still love to gamble. Online Gambling has made the situation even more bizarre. Legally speaking, the governing powers do not recognize gambling in any way. But the massive surge in gambling due to the hugely increased accessibility of gambling sites by modern handheld electronic devices like mobile phones has caused many people to sit up and take notice. Honest Brokers and Gambling Organizers have begun to group together to form powerful correctional bodies to ensure that sheer criminality does not hold sway. The leading body in Indonesia for this function now is .


The legal situation in Indonesia is still much the same, but public opinion is beginning to turn the tide everywhere. The following factors must be considered while considering the legality of Online gambling sites in Indonesia, even that of bodies created by the organizers to control and safeguard the interests of the Players:

  • Online betting allows people test their fortune in the virtual form of games that have been traditionally played in physical gambling spaces such as Casinos.
  • While this is played almost by everyone everywhere, it does not actually have legal sanction in every
  • Indonesia considers all forms of gambling to be illegal.
  • This includes governing bodies created by both Online Agents and the Gamblers together in order to safeguard the interests of Players/Agents.
  • Many major Indonesian banks such as BCA, Mandiri Bank, and BRI, are collaborating fully in the financial transactions of these websites which have been cleared by the bodies created. This must be legal then.
  • Of course, some part of safety is always risked when a visitor enters one of these unknown websites. But the bodies like, entrusted with ensuring safety, have already created a set of comprehensive criteria for the online gambling agents that allow Enzibet to ensure that only tried and trusted websites are represented.
  • Enzibet is additionally licensed by BMMtestlabs, the Isle of Man, PAGGOR and the Philippines Entertainment and Gaming Corporation.
  • Thus, Online Monitoring from the world’s online bookies provide direct monitoring 24/7.